UPDATE | Suspect in Williamsport homicide arrested, held without bail

    Police searching for woman in New Year's Day stabbing death of Williamsport man

    UPDATE (01/10/2019 12:00 A.M.): Monica Latoya Burns, 30, has been arraigned in Williamsport and is currently being held at the Lycoming County prison without bail.

    Police say Burns stabbed 28-year-old Ryan Jones in the chest during a party at the Timberland Apartment Complex on New Year's Eve.

    Based on surveillance video, police believe Jones left the party after he was stabbed and walked towards the Williamsport Fire Headquarters.

    He was found dead the next day behind a utility trailer in the Fire Headquarters parking lot.

    Burns is expected back in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, January 22.

    UPDATE (01/09/2019 3:00 p.m.): U.S. Marshals say they have arrested Monica Burns in connection with the stabbing.

    They say they set up surveillance outside a home in West Philadelphia, where they believe family members live.

    That is where Burns was arrested around 11 a.m. Wednesday.


    ORIGINAL STORY: A viewing was held on Tuesday night for a local veteran who was stabbed to death last week.

    Police say 28-year-old Ryan Jones was found dead behind the Williamsport Bureau of Fire on New Year's Day.

    They have filed an arrest warrant for Monica Latoya Burns who is charged with criminal homicide in his death.

    Jones's friends and family said Burns's arrest could held them find closure.

    "I'm just caught off guard. I think everybody is," said Mason Horning, of South Williamsport.

    Hundreds of people lined up outside the Knight-Confer Funeral Home to mourn his death.

    Jones grew up in South Williamsport and people who knew him said he was friends with everyone.

    "He had so many friends. So many friends. Every place he went, he knew somebody," said Diana Donly, of South Williamsport.

    "There's not a bad word that comes to mind when you think of him. He was just such a nice, outgoing person," said Horning.

    "Young kid taken, you know. I just hope that whoever did it. They find them and take care of whatever needs to be taken care of," said Jay Rice, of South Williamsport.

    Law enforcement officials also stood in line to pay their respects.

    Family members say Jones, who also goes by 'Jonesy,' served in the Army Reserves and had plans to go back into the military.

    "He was in the military and he was doing everything right, you know? And then this happened. It just took the rug right out from under us," said Donly.

    "It just needs to be figured out for the family and everybody just so they can grieve and get over it all cause this is just an absolute tragedy," said Horning.

    Jones will be laid to rest Wednesday morning at St. John's Newberry United Methodist Church in Williamsport.

    There will be full military honors at his service.

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