Police: Kids find gun and sword by abandoned home


    ASHLAND, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WOLF) -- Police say some children playing in Ashland found two weapons at an abandoned home.

    The 12-year-old says he and his friend found a gun and sword outside near 10th and Chestnut.

    They told his mom, who was surprised they found something so dangerous right near their home.

    North Schuylkill seventh-grader Bryce Beaver says he had just met up with his friend on Friday evening and was going with the pastor to help at a church fall festival, when his friend spotted something unusual.

    "He saw something on the side up here and then he said it looked like a sword," says Beaver, 12. "And he said he seen something that looked like a gun and we went up and told my mom and she said to bring it up so that no other kids came up and found them."

    His mom called the state police to come and get rid of the weapons.

    "It's crazy. I have two six-year-olds and a 12-year-old, and my 12-year-old's friend come over and that stuff is laying on the porch over here! That's dangerous stuff!" says mother Tiffany Beaver.

    She says someone had been evicted from an apartment in her building, and she wonders if that had something to do with it, but she really doesn't know where the weapons came from.

    "They just move everything over in that building, so I don't know if they took it out of this building and put it over there on the porch and just didn't put it inside, but it's totally unsafe for kids," says Tiffany Beaver.

    "Yeah, I'm actually glad that no one was hurt because around here there's a lot of people that are kind of crazy and everything," says Bryce Beaver.

    Police say the weapons were a Winchester .22 caliber rifle, model 1903 -- a type of gun which was produced for a few decades starting in the year 1903-- and a steel sword in a sheath.

    "I wonder where somebody would get something like that. You know, it's not something you expect around here," says neighbor Maynard Merwine.

    "It's scary with all these guns and all, but just so nobody got hurt and they're safe, but it surprises me," says neighbor Theresa Harvist.

    Bryce Beaver says he thinks the find was "cool," but his mom is glad that these weapons are off the street.

    "I think it was possibly an antique gun is what the officer said, because he didn't know what it was because he couldn't get it open," says Bryce Beaver.

    Anyone who may have lost these weapons and wants to claim them can contact PSP Frackville.

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