Police detonate suspicious device found in Lancaster county

suspicious device in lancaster.jpg

State police detonated a suspicious device found in a Lancaster County neighborhood.

Around 9 am this morning, a groundskeeper for an apartment complex on Michelle Drive in Lancaster Township saw the suspicious device left on the side of the road.

According to the Manheim Township Police Department, the device was described as a clock, mounted to a metal can, which appeared to be consistent with an explosive device.

Manheim police officers and the Lancaster Township Fire Department cordoned off the area and restricted pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the area near the device.

Area residents were instructed to stay in place by emergency personnel.

The State Police Hazardous Disposal Unit arrived on scene and determined it was necessary to detonate the device in the interest of public safety.

The device was destroyed using a projected water disruptor and rendered the scene safe to approach.

Police say the groundskeeper made the right decision when he contacted police.

"We absolutely want people to call the police when they see something; whether it is something like this or a backpack that’s left behind, or something that just seems out of place," said Sgt. Michael Piacentino of the Manheim Township Police Department. "Call us. We will have it checked out. I can’t really comment on what exactly was here today because we’re still in the preliminary stages of this investigation.”

The device was detonated around noon, and there is still no word on what exactly the device was or who left it.

Investigators collected debris from the device for further analysis. No injuries were reported.

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