Police: Daughter killed mom with arrow two days ago


PALMERTON, CARBON COUNTY (WOLF) -- A Palmerton woman is dead and her daughter is charged with her murder.

Police say she shot her mother with a crossbow two days ago and never went for help.

The suspect was arraigned around 9 p.m. Friday. Neighbors were wondering all day what was going on, and the 700 block of First Street was blocked off.

Neighbors say they have seen the suspect walking around the neighborhood before.

Lisa Caplan, 51, is charged with criminal homicide after police say she killed her mother, Sandra Barndt, 71, by shooting her in the face and neck area with a crossbow.

"She was attacking me and telling me she was going to kill me," says Caplan. "She was kicking me and attacking me."

The criminal complaint says police were called around 1 p.m. Friday for a welfare check, when the officer saw Caplan and another woman standing outside.

Police say Caplan had sent someone a text saying she had shot her mother, and that Caplan told them her mother had assaulted her and she had to shoot her.

Neighbors say they have seen the woman walking up and down with a shovel, a magnifying glass, or appearing to count steps and step over cracks in the street, but they never expected her to be violent.

"Very inappropriately dressed, but quiet. She didn't cause any problems," says neighbor Barbara Howell.

"I've met them a few times. The mother was a little more sociable than the daughter was; she kept to herself," says neighbor Matt Koch. "She was a little eccentric, yes, had her quirks, walking around, up and down, up and down the street."

Police say they found Barndt dead inside the door, covered with a blanket, with an arrow sticking out of her face and neck area. Barndt was officially pronounced dead around 2 p.m.

Police say Caplan told them she shot her in the neck and then went up, reloaded, and shot her again in the face, and went to bed, on Wednesday evening around 8 p.m., and never called 9-1-1.

Neighbors say they often saw Caplan walking.

"She wore high heels and miniskirts in the wintertime," says Koch.

"Miniskirts, very, very, short and all and for her age, plus she didn't have the best body for miniskirts," says Howell.

"All one shade of purple, all one shade of black, all one shade of red, bright red a lot of times," says neighbor Kelly Follweiler.

"She used to walk up the street with a shovel and then out Lafayette, but we never knew where she was going," says Howell.

One neighbor thinks Caplan knocked on her door recently, but didn't know she lived at 716 First Street until today.

"I looked out the window and she was walking away from the house down this way," says Follweiler. "I knew she was in the area because she walked past here frequently carrying a shovel."

The complaint says Caplan had an argument with Barndt before going upstairs to get the crossbow.

She was denied bail because of the offense and her preliminary hearing is set for next month on Oct. 11.

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