Update | Anthracite Cafe burglary suspect caught

Update | Anthracite Cafe burglary suspect caught

UPDATE: Anthracite Cafe owner Mike Prushinski tells FOX56 that the suspect has been caught.


ORIGINAL STORY: Wilkes-Barre Police need your help finding a suspect who investigators say broke into a popular restaurant three times in the last ten days.

Owners say they were able to capture him on a surveillance camera.

He didn't break in through the back door, maybe because it clearly states it's being monitored.

Instead, he climbed under the building and through a small air duct.

A State Police helicopter spent the afternoon circling Wilkes-Barre, searching for Jessie Vanwinkle after someone thought they spotted him in the area earlier in the day.

Investigators say he was captured on Anthracite Cafe surveillance video, robbing it three times in the last eleven days, and taking off with a bunch of cash.

"About twenty-five hundred dollars and he's done about twenty-five hundred dollars’ worth of damage. He ripped open registers, like I said he stole the DVR," Anthracite Café owner Mike Prushinski said.

Authorities believe Vanwinkle, who they think is homeless, might have been living in this abandoned house just across the street from Anthracite.

Prushinski describes the whole situation as creepy and is concerned others in the area could be a target.

"I feel violated; you know? Plus, I'm nervous about the older people that live in this neighborhood. They can't really defend themselves,” he added.

Barbara Krieg lives just two doors down from the abandoned house.

"It kind of makes us feel not safe because of, like I said, with kids being around that plays around here and kids that get off the bus,” Krieg said.

Kreig says the situation is making her extra-vigilant in... what she calls... a relatively safe neighborhood.

"Just lock my doors at night and do what I have to do to protect my daughter,” she added.

Prushinski has a simple message for him... wherever he may be...

"Don't come back. Don't come back. Because they will get you,” he said.

If you have any information on Vanwinkle's whereabouts, you are asked to call Wilkes-Barre City Police.

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