Pittston-based company unveils $20 million manufacturing line

Pittston-based company unveils $20 million manufacturing line

PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- A Pittston-based manufacturing company unveiled a new $20 million manufacturing line Thursday.

USHydrations makes beverages and is ramping up their production.

They say with the new technology, they'll now be able to produce over 2,000 bottles a minute - that's two and a half million a day - all at their 600,000 square foot facility.

The new line uses a type of bottle blower called matrix PET that can produce and fill bottles of nearly any shape or size.

USHydrations now has a partnership with organic beverage brand, CORE, based out of California.

"I've always dreamed of having what I call my dream team, my super bowl team. I've got it here today. I mean it took many years to get that that point, you get them one at a time. But these guys are they best," said Sandy Insalaco, Sr., Chairman of the Board.

They're adding about 30 new jobs with the addition, saying they've filled some but still have 18 or so to go.

USHydrations also announced plans for another expansion with a high-speed can line with pasteurization capabilities.

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