Pi Delta Psi fraternity banned from Pennsylvania, four members get jail time

Pi Delta Psi fraternity banned from Pennsylvania, four members get jail time

STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WOLF) -- The Pi Delta Psi fraternity has been banned from Pennsylvania today for the death of freshman pledge Michael Deng in a 2013 hazing incident.

Four members of the Asian-American fraternity who plead guilty in connection to the death were also sentenced. Prosecutors say the sentences aren't long enough.

"It's obviously not what I had requested on behalf of the commonwealth," said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Metzger.

The sentences of Kenny Kwan, Charles Lai, Raymond Lam, and Sheldon Wong range from time already served in jail to two years behind bars. All are followed by seven years probation.

"The judge had a very tough job, and while I'm disappointed by what the ultimate outcome is, I think there should have been lengthier incarceration, I do understand what her decision here is today and appreciate that she has been dealing with this case for a number of years as well," said Metzger.

Deng was a freshman at Baruch College in New York, and died during hazing activities at a house in Monroe County.

Court papers show Deng died from excessive blunt force trauma. Fraternity members did not immediately take him to the hospital.

All four members appeared in court today, expressing regret. One member said he is overwhelmed with guilt and would trade his life for Deng's.

"They have a good deal of appreciation for the wrongfulness of their conduct," Metzger said. "And I think that with a jail sentence, I'm hoping that that will become more of an outward showing."

Judge Margherita Patti-Worthington said this is one of the most troubling homicides she's seen in 19 years on the bench, pointing to "brainwashing" within the fraternity.

"Having spoke with each and every one of them, I don't doubt that there is remorse on behalf of each and every one of them," added Metzger.

Prosecutors read a letter from Deng's mother, who wrote: "since he left, the lines between real life and a dream are blurred."

The national fraternity Pi Delta Psi was also sentenced to ten years probation and fined $112,500.

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