Peters concedes to Chrin in race for 8th Congressional District

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Joe Peters is taking his loss to John Chrin in the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District in stride.

Peters left a voicemail for Chrin and spent the remainder of primary election night in the Scranton Club with a few supporters.

The race looked close early in the night as results began to trickle in, but Chrin was able to edge out Peters and a third candidate, Robert Kuniegel, earning nearly 50% of the vote. Peters, however, won a large margin of the votes in Lackawanna County.

Peters is a former Scranton police officer, and he worked in the PA Office of Attorney General for more than 15 years.

"I called John Chrin because I didn't want to delay because it looks like we will not be able to make up the gap. And despite the efforts, first of my family, my dad and my son and so many volunteers -- literally volunteers, we do not have a paid staff. And delighted that I won convincingly in my home county. But we didn't have the time nor the money to compete with Mr. Chrin's money to make up that difference, and good for him, that's what America's all about. I tried to get John several times, I couldn't, so I left him a message to congratulate him and let him know that he has my complete support going forward into November."

Chrin faces incumbent Congressman Matt Cartwright in November.

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