Pennsylvania Sheetz using blue lights to deter heroin addicts

A Western PA Sheetz is testing out blue lighting in the bathroom to deter heroin addicts from shooting up in the stores. (Photo WJAC)

A Sheetz gas station in Western Pennsylvania is going blue.

Blue lights were installed in the bathrooms, hoping it will deter drug use.

Sheetz says it's working with a local police department on the initiative.

A company spokesperson says the blue lights will make it more difficult for people to see their veins.

He says the plan is designed to help customers and employees "avoid dangerous situations."

A resident in the area says the blue light is jarring, but if it works as a deterrent, he'll support it.

For the time being, it's just being used as a test.

Nearly 180 people have died from drugs in Westmoreland County this year.

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