Peckville Christmas House set to appear on national TV next week


PECKVILLE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- The Peckville Christmas House is a local favorite with its huge Christmas light display and now after two decades of bringing joy to people in Lackawanna County – its getting its national debut.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive sight than this.

Thousands of twinkling lights and 1,300 illuminated, plastic blow molds cover this property on Marion Street in Peckville.

Its none other than the Peckville Christmas House, a holiday staple of this Lackawanna County community.

“When we were younger, we always liked Christmas, I mean any kid would. But we’d go around, our parents would take us looking at houses and we’re like ‘wow, that’s beautiful – man we can do better than that, let’s do that!’” Matt Harhut said.

Harhut, his brother Jeff, and their parents and siblings started with lights on the front of their home… then each year expanded to the hedges, lawn, fences, and finally another home they later built on the property.

While the lights have been entertaining people locally for two decades, they’ll soon get a national spotlight.

On Monday night, the Harhut family will be featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight.

It features elaborate light displays from all over the country and the winner of each episode gets a trophy and $50,000.

“We put in an application a few years ago, but I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, its always just one property. But now, they’re doing a special episode, a neighbor’s episode so with it being the two houses and the two properties, we can now be on the show. Yeah, so its exciting!” Jeff Harhut said.

Crews came to film the show in Peckville back at the end of October.

They took some footage from Access Aerial, a local drone service provider, that took these impressive shots of the lights from the sky.

Co-owner Lee Deangelis says he brings his family to see the lights every year.

He decided to use his photography skills to promote the house and all that it does for the community.

“Its amazing, its such a great, positive story for the area. And I encourage everyone to come down and see it firsthand because it is really unbelievable. The kids and the whole community really has a great time here,” Deangelis said.

If you want to see the lights with your own eyes, they’re lit from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. throughout the week and until 10 on weekends.

And don’t forget to watch the Harhuts on The Great Christmas Light Fight at 8 p.m. on Monday.

More information on Access Aerial can be found on their Facebook page, website, by email at and (888) 376-7567.

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