Parents say Back Mountain Trunk-or-Treat is a safe option for kids

Thousands of people attended the Back Mountain Trunk or Treat Wednesday night.

For some families, like Angela Hall and her two-year-old daughter, it was their first time at the event.

"I'm excited that there's a safe place for kids to go, cause when I was little we used to walk out in the middle of nowhere," said Hall.

Other attendees were regulars, like local EMT Chad Buyers, who brought his kids out for the second year in a row.

"It's a lot more community involved and that's what we like about it. Definitely a lot safer," said Buyers.

"You've got parents looking out for other parents as well as kids around. And you're not having to worry about going up to somebody else's home and going through a neighborhood where you don't know if anybody has animals," Buyers said.

In an effort to ease parents worries about staying safe on Halloween, several locations in Luzerne County are offering "Candy Screenings" on Thursday. People can bring their Halloween candy to scan it through an x-ray machine that would check for any foreign objects.

Most parents at the Trunk-or-Treat said they were on board with the new tool.

"If I had something like that available, I would absolutely do it," said Hall.

"Absolutely... I would do that in a second," said Buyers.

"In today's world, yeah. I think we definitely need that," said Thomas Favatta, who's been coming the Trunk-or-Treat for the past three years.

Other parents said they check the candy themselves anyway.

"I wouldn't mind doing it, but at the same time at home I'll make sure I go through each piece myself," said Johnny Priott.

Click here for a full list of Thursday's "Candy Screenings."

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