Panther Valley Twin Wrestlers

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Meet Hunter and Tanner Kennedy

The twins, who have wrestling in their blood, both topped the 100 win mark in recent matches for Panther Valley.

Hunter Kennedy said "Yea it was a goal last year , I mean I fell short last year, I think I had 94 wins last year or something and I know I wanted to get it this year.

Tanner Kennedy added "My Dad got about 90 wins, just feels great to pass my Dad and be with my brother hunter."

Panther Valley coach Tim Robb said " I mean they are rocks. They both come in, they don’t take days off. If they are a little bit sick or banged up they still come into to practice. They are hardworking kids."

Off the mat’s the Kennedy’s are like everyone else with siblings, competitive.

Hunter added " At home, we fight all the time about everything. Not just wrestling but teams anything that we do we are just always fighting and having a good time about it."

Hunter who is actually a minute older hit the century mark on the mat first..

Tanner added " At home, it is kind of a competition between me and him. I was like I better go get it. But it was a big accomplishment for us."

The Kennedy’s have done everything together since birth. From celebrating the same birthday to even getting that milestone win just matches apart. If that trend continues the twins are looking to both qualify for states and maybe even wrestle at the same college.

Bob Ide asked:” what is you did not end up at the same college?

Tanner answered " that would be tough we are looking to go to he same one. Really tough."

Bob Ide asked And what if you ended up slitting up ?

Hunter added " I do not think that is an option, but we would have to just work it out. Keep it going, keep it strong."

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