On 100th Armistice Day, Bucknell honors 700 who served in WWI


    On the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice that ended WWI, folks at Bucknell University honored the communities ties to history.

    Millions of soldiers served during WWI. More than 700 of them have ties to Union County.

    "Currently we understand that 718 Bucknellians served in WWI and we've verified that 33 of them died during or because of the war," David Del Testa, an Associate Professor of History at the university, said.

    This Veterans Day, a century after the first Armistice Day, folks at Bucknell honored veterans in their community and remembered heroes of the past

    Many in attendance have served or have family members who served in wars that include WWI, WWII, and Vietnam.

    Here is a list of the Bucknellians who died during WWI:

    • 1) 2nd Lieutenant William Chalmers Acheson, Army, Civil Engineering, Distinguished Service Cross (posthumously)
    • 2) Private Gabrievl Leroy Adams, Army, General Science
    • 3) Corporal Katharine Pontius Baker, Music, French Army and then American Expeditionary Force, Croix De Guerre
    • 4) Ensign Harold Cassimir Barron, General Studies, Navy Air Forces
    • 5) Private Oscar D. Berwick, Bucknell Academy, Army, the first Bucknellian to fall during the war
    • 6) 1st Lieutenant Henry Harmon Bliss, Jr., Electrical Engineering, Army
    • 7) Captain Clarence Barnalias Carver, Civil Engineering, Army
    • 8) Private Wayland Alexander Catherman, Army
    • 9) Corporal Leroy Gleason Clark, Civil Engineering, Army
    • 10) Private Luther Heisler Dersham, Army
    • 11) Marion Marmaduke Earle, Biology, Army Air Corps
    • 12) Lieutenant Colonel Wallace William Fetzer, History, Army
    • 13) Sergeant Harry Lucien Hodge, Army
    • 14) Sergeant Robert Parry Hopkins, Mechanical Engineering, United States Army Corps of Engineers
    • 15) Private George Oran Keiser, Electrical Engineering, Army
    • 16) Corporal Bertrand Kinnaman, Army
    • 17) Corporal Allen Eugene Lees, United States Ambulance Corps, Croix De Guerre
    • 18) Captain Christopher Mathewson, Army Chemical Corps
    • 19) Private William Lloyd Messinger, Army Air Corps
    • 20) Private George Funston Miller, Biology, Army
    • 21) Private Clyde Franklin Mowrer, Biology, Army
    • 22) Reginald Spofford Newberry, Civil Engineering, United States Ambulance Corps, Croix de Guerre, posthumously
    • 23) Sergeant Raymond Ford Nichols, Jurisprudence, Army
    • 24) 2nd Lieutenant Milton Jarrett Norman, Electrical Engineering, Army
    • 25) 1st Lieutenant Charles O’Brien, Philosophy, Army, Distinguished Service Cross, posthumously
    • 26) Corporal Robert Preiskel, Engineering, Army
    • 27) 1st Lieutenant Alexander McPherson Russell, General Science, Army
    • 28) Corporal Bromley Reynolds Smith, Chemical Engineering, Army
    • 29) 2nd Lieutenant, Baker Fairchild Spyker, General Science, Army
    • 30) Private Everett Everson Stone, General Science, United States Ambulance Corps, Croix De Guerre, posthumously
    • 31) Sergeant First Class Albert Bacon Winter, Electrical Engineering, Army
    • 32) Private Chester Lyle Wynn, Latin Philosophy, Army
    • 33) Private Charles Oscar Yoder, Army

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