Officials want people to stay out of the Nay Aug Gorge

The signs say "no swimming", but that's not stopping people from jumping into the Nay Aug Gorge.

Friday several people were seen swimming in the gorge, but officials are continuing to warn people about the dangers. They've posted signs hoping to deter people from the water.

This comes after a young woman drowned after she fell into the gorge last month.

"You can't jump in that when it's rushing like that or you're going to get sucked under," Adam DeWolf said.

DeWolf says he sees it often and he has had to stop people from jumping into the water in the past.

There are barriers up to prevent people from getting close to the water, but there are several ways around them. Our reporters came in contact with people who walked behind a fence to make it down to the gorge.

According to City of Scranton laws, there is a minimum fine of $100 each time someone is caught violating the no swimming laws. There is also the possibility of imprisonment of up to 30 days.

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