Nurses prohibited from entering hospital after one-day strike ends

A hospital official turns away nurses at Moses Taylor in Scranton on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Nurses walked off the job for a one-day strike the previous day.

Nurses at two area hospitals expected to return to work Thursday after a one-day strike Wednesday.

However, when they reported for their shift this morning, hospital officials had other plans.

"Anyone that walked off the job yesterday gets one of these letters and you can continue to strike or you get sent home. You are not permitted in the building," a hospital official says in a video obtained by FOX56.

The strike was scheduled to end at 7:00 Wednesday morning.

"Our patients deserve to have nurses who know what they're doing with those specific patients who are familiar with the units, know where the medications are, know the floor and how to chart," L.A. Yarbrough, a R.N. at Moses Taylor Hospital, said.

"We are the best nurses to do that. Even though there may be temp agency nurses fulfilling our duties, they are not getting the care, those patients, that they would be if we were in there ourselves," Yarbrough added.

Since they weren't allowed back to work, nurses decided to head back to the picket lines.

They are demanding safer staffing and patient care.

Nurses at First Hospital in Kingston were also turned away Thursday.

However, officials at both hospitals say normal operations are continuing as usual.

"The behavioral health services provided at First Hospital are overseen by the Department of Human Services. The DHS has performed an on-site survey to confirm that all operations of our hospital meet state guidelines during the SEIU strike and picketing; they reported no deficiencies," Clayton Nottelmann, chief human resourses officer at First Hospital, stated.

"We want to re-emphasize that all hospital services are continuing and we’re providing a full complement of care for patients, whether they have a medical emergency, require surgery or critical care, or are here to give birth," Elizabeth Leo, chief human resources officer at Moses Taylor Hospital, stated.

Nurses are allowed to return to work Monday.

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