New program aims to offer addicts a "Second Chance" in Lackawanna County

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Law enforcement and advocates for people struggling with addiction are teaming up in the fight against opioids with a new program.

Since January 1, staff at Blueprints for Addiction Recovery have been hard at work implementing a new program to help people struggling with addiction.

“Thus far we have 13 successful people entering treatment instead of incarceration," Blueprints CEO Chris Dreisbach said.

Its called Second Chance PA.

Blueprints teamed up with two police departments in Lancaster County to launch the program, which makes police stations safe havens for addicts to surrender drugs without facing criminal charges.

Then, a certified recovery specialist steps in to help them find treatment options.

“So just in that 10 days the number of those people that aren’t on the street anymore, the number of those people who aren’t out doing damage vs. where they could be I think is a success in and of itself already," Dreisbach said.

Now, Blueprints hopes to bring the program north to Lackawanna County.

They’re already working with law enforcement in the area to make it happen.

“I believe that if the first responders recognize, which we are, recognizing that the incarceration, incarceration, incarceration just isn’t working. We’re losing generations at a rapid pace," Blueprints outreach coordinator Marty Henehan said.

Marty Henehan plans to work alongside officers as a certified recovery specialist.

He says he’ll be among the first on the scene if officers come across an addict who needs care.

“I believe that this program can work globally. I don’t believe that there’s any boundaries, I don’t believe there’s any county lines, state lines, municipal boundaries to this," Henehan said.

Blueprints hopes to get the program up and running in Lackawanna County in three to six months.

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