New medical marijuana facility draws hopeful applicants

A medical marijuana processing facility opens next year in Scranton.

On Tuesday, hundreds came out hoping to work there.

However, company leaders say they only have room for about 30 positions.

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions is one of just a few growers and processors selected by the PA Department of Health to participate in a new statewide program.

Dr. Kyle Kingsley used to work in emergency medicine.

Now he's the company's CEO.

"This essentially is a mixture of an agriculture facility and a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. So, what we do is we take the plants all the way from small seedlings or cuttings, all the way through to pharmaceutical grade products,” Dr. Kingsley said.

The company plans to hire people with a wide-range of backgrounds including pharmacy, horticulture, and security.

They have one facility in Minnesota and another in New York.

Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce President Bob Durkin says the city is glad the company chose to build its third one here.

"We have a lot of different business sectors represented in Lackawanna County and the city of Scranton, this is a different one. This is a pharmaceutical component and we're glad to bring them into the mix,” Durkin said.

The new space will be at the former site of Pennsylvania Clothing Recyclers on Rosanna Avenue.

Jodie Gay lives just feet from the soon-to-be facility's entrance.

He's fine with his new neighbors moving onto the block, but does have some concerns like security, traffic, and dust from the roads.

"I really don't mind. But, what's it going to do to affect where I live? Is it going to make it better or worse? We don't need it much worse around here. I mean, it's quiet. We'd like to keep it that way. But, we'd like to get it a little spruced up too; that'd be nice,” Gay said.

The new facility is expected to be completed in December.

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