New bill would allow local police to use radar, with some added provisions

(WOLF) -- Newly proposed legislation aims to allow local police departments in Pennsylvania to use radar to catch speeding drivers – but also addresses concerns from those worried about potential abuse.

The new six-year pilot program is being drafted by State Rep. Greg Rothman.

It will only allow radar to be used by trained, full-time police officers, require municipalities to mark roads as “radar enforced,” and ban quotas encouraging officers to cite motorists.

Currently only State Police can use radar to catch speeders.

But local police say they would benefit from the devices because their current speed-timing methods are outdated.

“We call them Robic watches; that’s the brand I believe. But Robic watches, and simply we time people between two points, A and B and simple math gives you a speed,” Kingston Police Sgt. Tom McTague said.

“Well whatever they’ve got to do to get the bill passed and then they can work on it from there. It needs to be done. We’re only, Pennsylvania’s one of the only states I believe, specifically in our New Jersey, New York area that doesn’t use radar. So this would bring us up to current times with enforcement.”

Rothman is currently looking for co-sponsors for that bill.

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