Neighbors react to child death investigation in Shenandoah

SHENANDOAH, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WOLF) -- South Grant Street was mostly quiet today, not many cars traveling down the narrow roadway.

A stark contrast to what people who live on this block say it looked like yesterday.

This woman did not want to be identified, but tells us she knew something was wrong not long after waking up Sunday morning.

“I got up at 7 and the cops, the street was lined with cop cars already and coroner was here, so we knew somebody was dead. But we thought it was a drug overdose, because there are drugs around here.”

The coroner along with patrol, criminal, and forensic services units from the Frackville State Police barracks focused their attention on 26 South Grant Street, investigating the death of a child.

They haven’t said how the child died or if its being considered suspicious.

Neighbors tell FOX56 that child was just 5-months-old and the mother and baby did not live in the home.

“The mother came down and of course she was all upset, they wouldn’t let her in the house, because they were waiting for the search warrant for them to get in. And they did take her back up to her house to try and calm her down.”

People who live on the block say things like this don’t happen very often.

“This is usually kind of a quiet neighborhood and I’d say about half the homes here are vacant so its really pretty quiet, so stuff like this really doesn’t happen that much,” Greg Reser said.

Reser has lived in Shenandoah for nearly 20 years and owns two properties on South Grant Street.

He says he knows most of the people who live on the block, and he’s not worried about more things like this happening in the neighborhood.

“Its sad for the parents that such a young baby would die, so my heart goes out to them, but hopefully no foul play was involved,” Reser said.

State Police say more details will be released as the investigation continues.

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