National Weather Service surveys Wayne County storm damage

A large tree trunk blocks a path inside a cemetery in Honesdale, Wayne County on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

The National Weather Service confirms what many in the area already believed: a tornado touched down in Wayne County during Tuesday’s Primary Election Day storms.

As generators ran and crews cut down trees, members of the National Weather Service toured some of the areas hardest hit by yesterday's storms in Wayne County.

At Prompton State Park, straight line winds caused a long curved path of damage leading up to, and even crossing, the reservoir.

Experts say a tornado path generally converges at one single point.

"But with these damaging winds, we're also seeing, as the thunderstorm moves, those high winds also can go in a path as well,” Doug Butts, with the National Weather Service, said.

Wind speeds here reached anywhere from 100 to 110 miles per hour.

A tornado was reported in Canaan Township, not far from the State Park.

"Right now, we have a preliminary rating of EF1, with wind speeds somewhere around 100 to 110 miles per hour,” Butts added.

At Honesdale Golf Club, power outages and damage shut down the course while crews worked to clean up the mess.

Workers with the golf course say they lost about 30 trees in yesterday's storm; some at large as that maple tree over there. It's the most trees they've lost in one single storm in the golf courses nearly 120-year history.

But one of the most impressive areas of damage might just be here in this cemetery in Honesdale.

"To have this kind of devastation in this area, for some reason, it's particularly emotional when you see it here,” Wayne County Commissioner Wendell Kay said.

Kay has lived in Wayne County most of his life and walks the cemetery paths often.

"It can be easy to forget that these were all people that had aspirations, and goals in life, and friends and activities just like we do today. So, it's very, very hard to wrap your mind around,” Kay added.

We're also told Keen Lake Campground in Waymart is closed until further notice due to yesterday's storms.

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