Mourners remember Parkland victims; call for stricter gun laws at Pike County vigil

Dozens of mourners gathered in Milford, Pike County to remember the Parkland school shooting victims and call for stricter gun laws.

With their umbrellas high and their heads low, dozens of mourners gathered on the front lawn of the Pike County Courthouse Wednesday night to remember those killed by gun violence in Parkland, Florida.

They also want to see change.

“Most people in this country want gun control, especially machine guns. Guns that were made specifically kill a lot of people," Tracey Hoffman, of Milford, said.

Many of those killed were students.

Most likely close in age to Ian Murch; a student at Delaware Valley High School.

“I came here to do my best to represent the educated students that I go to school with, people I know personally, people I have conversations with at my lunch table every day about these issues," Murch said.

Wednesday's vigil took place just hours after a church hosted a ceremony where they blessed AR-15’s.

It's the same style weapon used in the Parkland shooting.

“It’s troubling to me that someone would take what they say are principles of Christianity and turn it into God wants you to buy guns. It’s just appalling to me," Pike County Commissioner Steve Guccini said.

After Parkland, President Trump suggested arming teachers with weapons to prevent or minimize school shootings.

Hoffman used to be a teacher.

“I can’t tell you right now, it’s not an appropriate place, not only do teachers not want to have guns in their hands, but it’s also very risky because they’re are a lot of crazy kids in school," she said.

Many we spoke to, like Ann Akers, are saddened by children being killed by gun violence among others.

“...a deep concern that laws get changed, and that children are safe. It’s from a faith perspective, it’s from a political perspective and for the safety of children who are in my life," she said.

Many say their next plan of action is to travel to Washington, D.C. for the "March For Our Lives" rally later next month.

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