Monroe County continues to deal with storm damage

Motorists swerved to avoid downed trees and power lines on Route 715 in Reeders Monday afternoon.

Monroe County is still reeling from the effects of Friday's pummeling winter storm.

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company is closed until further notice...

debris from heavy roof damage seen piled up behind the building.

Poconos-based KC Tree Service has been working non-stop to help homeowners deal with mother nature's wrath.

Owner Andrew Gerheart hasn't even had power in his own home since Friday, and says this is some of the worst damage he's seen in quite a while....

"Since Hurricane Sandy I would say," said Gerheart.

"There's trees on houses, decks, cars, roofs, everywhere."

"We take it one customer at a time, take our time, so that we're not doing any damage and getting trees off the roofs as safely as possible, and doing the most important jobs first, the ones that are threatening houses."

At a residence in Jackson Township, an 80-foot spruce tree fell, just missing the roof....leaving the roots tearing out of the ground.

The home's owner Dave Powell luckily wasn't inside at the time, but was in shock to come home to this very close-call....

"Yeah it's kind of ironic because this big tree got caught up in this big Maple I have in front, which I had been planning on taking down because I thought THAT one was going to fall on my house one day.," said Powell.

"The irony is, that's the one that caught on the big spruce and saved my house from getting hit by this thing, so, yeah...worked out well there!"

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