Mike Linden's Forecast | Wrap-around snow showers remain in NEPA

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Another day, another Nor'easter for what has been an active (to say the least) end to the winter season in Pennsylvania.

The core of the low has exited to the east of us dumping heavy snow and bringing strong, gusty winds to New England...but we're not out of the woods yet. Wrap-around snow showers return overnight and into Wednesday with some spots picking up light accumulation around a coating to an inch or two; nothing major, but worth mentioning. This represents the best case scenario for what could've been a direct hit from a Nor'easter. Temperatures will also struggle on Wednesday afternoon in the mid 30s.

Light scattered snow showers remain into Thursday but don't expect much from these other than some flakes flying around. Friday, while cooler in the low 30s, looks much calmer as we head into a weekend set to feature normal temperatures in the mid 40s and mostly sunny skies.

The first day of Spring is now in view next Tuesday...but another chance for a Nor'easter emerges too. It's still too far out to nail anything down but there's a chance we see a little bit of winter hanging on into early Spring.

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