Mike Linden's Forecast | Winter weather returns for the first weekend of February

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The first weekend of the month is nearly upon us and if you believe a certain rodent meteorologist who saw his shadow earlier today...winter isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Saturday is easily the better of the two days but will feel much colder than Sunday. Blustery conditions will lead us through Friday evening and into Saturday morning which will make the mid to low teens early on feel like the single digits. The afternoon won't be much "warmer" as temperatures hover around the upper 20s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. As a cold front approaches from the west and low pressure approaches from the southwest, cloud cover will slowly build and temperatures will get a slight boost into the mid to low 30s for Sunday.

Snow showers are likely to arrive late Saturday but nothing heavy enough for any major accumulations. The upper elevation spots and hilltops may see a bit, but again, nothing major (just yet).

Super Bowl Sunday is looking to be the most active day for early February (thus far) as light snow begins into the early afternoon. If you have any last minute food shopping to do I'd recommend getting that done Saturday or early Sunday.

While totals are still scattered and the track of this event is pretty wild, we're looking at potentially a couple of inches of snow into Sunday night. Had temperatures been colder for longer we could see more snow but with highs in the mid 30s on Sunday that should help cut down on any big snow totals.

Be safe out there and enjoy the big game!

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