Mike Linden's Forecast | Wet Tuesday evening leads to preview of Fall

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Unlike the past several weeks which have been an entire week's worth of rain, Tuesday evening looks like the most active night of the next few (especially for western Pennsylvania).

For once, NEPA has lucked out as the heaviest of the rain looks to stay active over the western half of the state. Now, we'll still see rain but not the drenching, severe storms forecast into the evening. Most will run into heavy rain with gusty winds out ahead of any stray thunderstorm that pops up over our half of the state. Another stroke of good luck, there hasn't been much sunshine for NEPA this afternoon which will help to limit the formation of strong (or even) severe storms. We still mat see a stray storm or two over the region but most of what we'll see through the evening looks like regular old rain and gusty winds.

Keep an eye on the low-lying streams as the soaked ground across NEPA just can't take anything else at this point but Fall is almost here!

In fact, it should feel like fall behind the rain into the rest of the work week. Outside of some lingering showers through the first half of Wednesday, temperatures in the mid 70s will make things feel pretty fall-like! Temperatures will slowly rise into the mid 80s but the weekend as humidity builds up too, but Wednesday and Thursday should function as a mini preview of the next season.

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