Mike Linden's Forecast | Warm temperatures lead to freezing rain threat for NEPA

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It certainly doesn't feel much like Winter out there but that's not necessarily a good thing this time of year.

As mild/wet air continues to filter into NEPA a powerful cold front arrives from the west into the evening hours and into Friday. This will trigger consistent rain this evening which remains over the region into the upcoming weekend. A Flood Watch goes into effect for NEPA this evening too as ice melts rapidly. This could lead to localized flooding along the waterways throughout the region; drive safely!

Just as easy as temperatures warmed into the low 60s, upper 50s for Friday, the floor drops out from under us into Saturday as temperatures plummet into the upper 20s, low 30s. The wild card is the wet weather that remains. As temperatures rapidly drop off, the switch from rain to snow to freezing rain begins. Freezing rain is likely to arrive into Saturday morning and enough of it can easily take trees and power lines down (not to mention make driving hazardous as well). It's hard to determine what's worse heavy snow or freezing rain. Both are difficult to navigate but freezing rain can easily become dangerous in the right conditions and the right conditions will likely be in place for NEPA early this weekend.

Temperatures begin to even out a bit into the rest of the weekend in the mid 20s if not a little cooler for Sunday. Light snow shower chances begin to pick back up early next week around Tuesday afternoon.

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