Mike Linden's Forecast | Tracking wintry mix chances in NEPA

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We're now in the midway point of November as temperatures continue to feel almost a month or two ahead. Thanks to high pressure built up over the Ohio Valley, cold air continues to filter into the northeast and Pennsylvania. While high pressure will help to keep conditions somewhat quiet, the air is also pretty darn cold. Normal daytime highs for this time of year should hover around the low 50s but daytime highs continue to come in about 10° short of normal.

High pressure will finally begin to move out into Wednesday night as a frontal system advances from the west packing another active punch. It all hinges on the timing of the arrival of the front as to what type of precipitation we see. The most likely scenario arrival into the evening hours which would likely result in wintry mix as temperatures hover around the mid to low 30s mark. Take it easy on the roads into Thursday because the front seems likely to stall out a bit into the afternoon which means ugly conditions scattered across the region throughout the day.

Scattered mix chances remain into Friday afternoon too but another front swings through Saturday producing an overcast, messy day in NEPA. Behind the passing of the weekend front, temperatures will once again slip into the mid to high 30s which sets us up perfectly for the possibility of light snowfall into the week of Thanksgiving. We're still over a week out and a lot can change but it's certainly interesting moving forward.

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