Mike Linden's Forecast | Tracking potential winter storm, record cold

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The new year is off and running and Winter is about to well and truly arrive in the coming days. By the end of the next week NEPA could be looking at a chance for light snow, freezing rain, sleet, sub-zero overnight lows, sub-zero daytime wind chill and temperatures above freezing for the first time in what feels like forever. Ready or not, here we go.

When all is said and done, Wednesday looks like one of the calmest days ahead as temperatures get a little bump into the low 20s. All attention will be on the Atlantic coast as a potential monster winter storm surges northward. I still have my doubts if NEPA sees anything from this but if the track of the storm shifts just A LITTLE westward, we could be looking at quite a bit of this space.

Whether or not the snow does arrive, cold (COLD!) air will filter in behind the storm. We're likely looking at daytime highs in the single digits with a sub-zero feel thanks to the winds. This spell will likely be record breaking as the dangerous cold remains in place throughout the first half of the weekend.

By Sunday and into next week, temperatures will FINALLY return to the above freezing range of the mid to high 30s. This will help melt any snow or ice throughout NEPA but we're also looking at another chance for active weather on Monday. With temperatures hovering around freezing this could result in a mix of all kinds of winter weather - light snow, freezing rain and even some sleet.

I told you the start to 2018 is going to be crazy! Here we go!

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