Mike Linden's Forecast | Temperatures warm-up as active weather chances remain

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Following a messy day of winter weather we move closer to the weekend with several more (but not as widespread nor heavy) chances at active weather.

Thursday will remain quiet (yet cold) throughout the evening with wind chill in the single digits. We head into Friday with temperatures struggling to break the low 30s as a weak low pressure system brushing up against Pennsylvania. This will produce light snow showers beginning just before noon and continuing into the early evening hours. Luckily, this won't have a major impact on travel more than the icy conditions have.

Temperatures warm behind this system into the mid to low 40s for Saturday and Sunday. This should help with some melting across the region but more rounds of rain will take over Central and NEPA starting Saturday afternoon and throughout much of Sunday. Overall, not a good-looking weekend for Pennsylvania.

Temperatures will briefly fall back into the mid to high 30s for Monday and Tuesday but chances for active weather sticks around into the early stages of next week.

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