Mike Linden's Forecast | Temperatures spike into the 50s by midweek; rain returns too

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February rolls on as the Winter season fades (temporarily) for the week ahead. That's right...not many (if any) chances of snow in the forecast for the next week.

Temperatures will rebound into the (normal) mid 30s for Tuesday under a pleasant mix of sun and clouds. All things considered, it'll both look and feel nice to start the week in Pennsylvania (and boy, do we deserve it). Unfortunately, the pleasant conditions won't last into the middle of the week as rain showers return to NEPA.

While not a full fledged frontal system, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico looks to be sent northward thanks to a ridge of high pressure off the coast. Ironically, it's this same ridge keeping us sunny and nice to kick off the week!

Not only will the wet weather return to NEPA but a brief spike into the mid 50s looks to follow the rain too. If there are any pockets of sunshine we may also see some pop-up thunderstorms too.

By the time the weekend arrives high pressure and sunshine returns as temperatures slip back to normal in the mid 30s.

Like I chances for snow (nor even ice)...for now.

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