Mike Linden's Forecast | Temperatures return to normal into Thursday/Friday

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Our run of upper 70s and low 80s came to a crashing halt today as daytime highs have struggled to even reach the low 70s. It's been soggy almost all day too as a cold front brought rain showers to almost all of NEPA. We'll see the showers slowly diminish into the evening but we'll likely continue to see light scattered showers overnight and into Thursday morning.

Behind the front, temperatures will finally fall to normal levels in the mid to low 60s. Get those jackets ready to go, it's going to feel like quite a shock. To make a comparison, the low temperatures overnight last night dropped into the low 60s...normal DAYTIME highs for this time of the year. If you needed an extra layer last night you'll need it again tomorrow and Friday afternoon.

Despite the return of normalcy the cool air won't stick around for very long as warm air returns just in time for the weekend. By Sunday, we may even see the return of the upper 70s, low 80s again. Of course, we'll also see the rain showers return too as we close out Sunday night.

Into next week and behind yet another front, temperatures will drop back into the mid to low 60s (noticing a trend here?) and hover around normal.

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