Mike Linden's Forecast | Sun(!) returns for the weekend; Florence arrives next week

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Hurricane Florence has weakened to a Category 1 Hurricane but the rain, flooding and storm surge threat hasn't changed. When all is said and done, we'll likely see catastrophic flooding along the North and South Carolina coastline. It's wild to see Harvey last year and now this storm both impacting the United States in similar ways, especially two years in a row.

As Florence leaves water the storm will quickly weaken into a Tropical Storm and eventually into a Tropical Depression later this weekend. Heading into early next week, there's a good chance what's left of the storm arrives in Pennsylvania bringing heavy rain (at times) and gusty winds. With as wet as it's been this Summer, we could be in for another day of localized flooding early next week.

As for THIS weekend in NEPA...it looks great! As drier air rushes toward Florence (a massive center of low pressure) it should help conditions here at home through both Saturday and Sunday. Both days looks to feature temperatures in the low 80s (a little warmer than normal) along with a mix of sun(!) and clouds. While both days looks nice, Sunday could be the best of the bunch.

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