Mike Linden's Forecast | Soggy & stormy through the weekend

Mike 2.JPG

The weekend is nearly here but the sunny skies and nice weather are likely to be left behind into Saturday and Sunday (heck, even into Friday night).

As a cold front stalls out over NEPA, thick clouds will bring rain through most of the second half of Friday. Most will see showers into the evening but the heaviest rain could still arrive overnight (especially near the I-80/I-81 interchange). While not the deluge of rain we saw to close out July, some spots could still see some localized flash flooding; keep an eye on the low-lying areas in your community!

The thick clouds find a home in the Commonwealth this weekend too as temperatures slip into the mid to high 70s; cooler than normal for once! With a little added humidity into the fold, the mid to high 70s shouldn't feel all that unbearable. Temperatures return to normal by Monday of next week into the low 80s.

The rain looks likely to carry us through the weekend as a whole with both Saturday and Sunday having a soggy, overcast look. Not exactly the best conditions if you were hoping to get out this weekend.

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