Mike Linden's Forecast | Overcast, soggy weekend in NEPA

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The world of weather is always about looking at the glass half-full and while the next few days may not look the prettiest temperatures are on the upswing (for now).

Light snow showers will begin to move out of NEPA by Friday evening as the cloud cover thickens up and locks in overnight temperatures to the upper 20s. By the early morning hours we should warm above freezing and the melting process can get started.

As the winds flow in from the south, temperatures should return to the mild, mid to low 40s but with added warmth comes moisture. Rain shower chances will begin to creep back into the forecast by the afternoon hours and likely continue (and become a little heavier) into and throughout Sunday. If you haven't gone to get a car wash just yet Mother Nature will be hooking you up with a free one this weekend. While flooding isn't likely to be a major issue in our region keep an eye out for any ponding water on the roadways or near any small creeks and streams.

Temperatures slip back into the upper 30s by Monday afternoon but likely stay above freezing. With this outcome, any chance at showers we see throughout the region will fall right on the edge of rain or snow.

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