Mike Linden's Forecast | Messy weekend to feature overcast skies and storms

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The first weekend of the new season is nearly upon us and if you planned on spending it outdoors...maybe you should reconsider.

A frontal system complete with muggy, warm air is slowly advancing into Pennsylvania with the first showers arriving later tonight. While not a constant downpour kind of event, the overcast skies and the wet weather won't make for a good looking Saturday. On one hand, the thick clouds will work to keep temperatures down (mid 70s) which in turn will make being outdoors a little more manageable. Keep in mind, a little bit of sunshine into the afternoon could help to produce some pop-up thunderstorms. Again, I'd make Saturday a "clean the house" kind of day.

Sunday looks a LITTLE better with a little more sunshine as temperatures get boosted into the low 80s. Later in the afternoon/evening this could result in another round of thunderstorms (some of which could pack a punch).

If you're delaying the yard work, I'd aim for Monday and Tuesday as the days to get outdoors. Sunny skies, normal temperatures in the upper 70s/low 80s and low humidity...looking (and feeling) great!

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