Mike Linden's Forecast | Major storm slams NEPA through Thursday morning


After just a few days since the last Nor'easter here we go again.

The region has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning beginning Tuesday night through early Thursday morning. While not exactly the same totals as the Pi Day Blizzard of 2017, the mountains may be looking at some pretty intense totals.

I'll have my FINAL call for snowfall tonight at 10 (be sure to watch) but it's looking likely to be around 10-12"+ for the mountains. It's the lower valleys that are difficult to nail down. If the track of the storm moves west, the lower valleys could be looking at 5-10". If the storm moves away from the coastline we could be looking at 3-6". A lot can change but we're still looking at PLENTY of snow.

Be sure you have gas in your gas tank but I'd plan on staying home and off the roads tomorrow afternoon (especially for the upper elevation communities). If there's one silver lining in this storm it's the winds. They won't be nearly as strong as the storm on Friday which will likely limit it from being labeled a blizzard.

We'll first start to see light snow overnight but the heaviest snow begins around noon and continues through about 8:00. By Wednesday evening the heavy snow will begin to taper off but we'll still see light snow showers through the end of the week. While these won't bring major additional accumulations we still may see another 1-2" by the weekend.

If you have plans to head to Scranton for the St. Patty's Day parade...good news! Saturday looks like the best day of the next week with partly cloudy skies...but chilly daytime highs in the low 40s, upper 30s.

Be safe and stay warm!

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