Mike Linden's Forecast | Light snow ushers in extremely cold air to NEPA

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The season's first BIG storm is on the way and is currently dropping snow, ice and wintry mix all along the east coast. While I have my doubts NEPA will see the huge snowfall totals that typically come with a Nor'easter it will still be quite active (and coooooooold) around here for the days following.

We begin with light snow showers overnight and into Thursday morning. If the overall track of this storm shifts a bit more to the Northwest we could end up seeing bigger totals, but for now, the 1-3" range is more likely (with the larger totals near the Poconos/New Jersey). The bulk of the snow looks set to arrive through the early morning hours. If you commute to NYC, I'd head out much earlier than you normally do (you're essentially driving toward the center of the storm at that point). The light snow will taper off into the afternoon and be all but done into Thursday evening (aside from some possible lake effect showers along the PA/NY border).

While the snow seems like a big deal, it's what FOLLOWS that has my full and undivided attention. This Nor'easter is primed to yank extremely cold air from the North into NEPA into Friday and Saturday. We're talking daytime highs in the single digits with wind chill in the -10 to -15 range for the AFTERNOON. This will not only be a historic cold snap for the region but can also be incredibly dangerous if you don't take it seriously. Get those layers ready and be sure you have an adequate source of heat ready too.

The region recovers into next week with temperatures bouncing back into the mid to high 30s but this "warm up" doesn't come alone. Another shot at wintry mix/snow arrives Monday and into Tuesday as the 2018 Winter season continues to be as active as it is unforgiving.

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