Mike Linden's Forecast | Light snow brings potential record cold for NYE

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The final Friday of 2017 has arrived and most of the Northeast is likely to end the year on a historic note. Unfortunately, it won't be because of record warmth...quite the opposite, in fact.

Daytime highs have once again struggled to break out of the mid to high teens with wind chill making it feel more like the single digits. To go along with the cold most of NEPA woke up to a light dusting of snow as lake effect snow showers begin to kick back up again for western Pennsylvania.

As for the weekend, we'll be closely watching a weak clipper system pushing in from the northwest into Saturday. This is the reason why we're seeing light snow showers today as the moisture begins to kick up ahead of the entrance of the front. Most will once again wake up to light snow showers with the bulk of the (light) snow arriving into the afternoon. When all is said and done most of NEPA will be looking at an inch to two inches of snow; nothing major. Daytime highs will get a nice boost from the added moisture in the air as we return to the low 20s but only for Saturday.

Behind the clipper, another cold blast will yank temperatures into a potential historic range for NEPA and the Northeast as daytime highs round out the year in the low teens. If you have plans to ring in 2018 be sure to layer up! Overnight lows into the 1st of the year will slip into the low single digits but feel more like the sub zero teens.

The new year won't bring much relief from the cold either as temperatures continue to struggle to break out of the teens and single digit lows.

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