Mike Linden's Forecast | Irma begins final approach toward South Florida

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The week in NEPA ends with Fall-like conditions and temperatures as the waning feelings of Summer continue to drift away. Most topped out in the mid to high 60s today which comes in about 10° cooler than normal (again). As Irma approaches the Florida coast, cool air from the north is having zero problems moving south in Pennsylvania to keep temperatures down.

We'll have a great weekend, though, as temperatures hang around the same mark but with a bit more sunshine. You may still need a jacket for the early morning and late evening but the afternoons look to be excellent around NEPA. The same cannot be said for Florida and the Southeast.

Irma continues to churn toward the southern tip of Florida with the Keys and Miami in the firing line. While Irma has weakened to a Category 4, the winds are at about 155 mph. The criteria for a Category 5 are winds stronger than 156 mph, so, not far off. The NHC forecast has Irma's outer bands swinging into Miami later today which will begin the major impacts brought on by Irma. Don't get it twisted...this is going to be a catastrophic hit for south Florida. As Irma chugs northward, the storm will slowly lose intensity and likely weaken to a Cateogry 3 or less by late Sunday/early Monday.

I wouldn't be shocked to see some rain and thunderstorms from Irma reaching Pennsylvania by late next week...stay tuned.

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