Mike Linden's Forecast | Hurricane Florence primed to make landfall along SE coast

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Hurricane Florence, while a little weaker, is primed to make landfall over the Carolinas over the next 24 hours. Deadly storm surge, beach erosion and catastrophic flooding along the coast is expected. The only silver lining to take out of this situation is the storm is weaker but that's not going to matter much when it comes to how much rain will fall over North and South Carolina over the next few days.

The National Hurricane Center has adjusted the projected path of Florence to the point where by early next week (Tuesday/Wednesday) what's left of Florence (likely a post-tropical depression) arrives in NEPA. We won't see anything like what the Carolinas will see but will likely get another batch of heavy rain and gusty winds.

Up until that point, NEPA looks to waffle between more of the same (near overcast, humid and wet) and better, sunnier conditions for the weekend. If you have any plans to get outdoors, both Saturday and Sunday look great but keep in mind how soggy the ground is likely to be after a week of wet weather.

It's all a waiting game now...

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