Mike Linden's Forecast | Dangerous cold closes out 2017, kicks off 2018

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Well, it seems Pennsylvania (and most of the eastern United States) are on the "naughty list" especially if you're the type who doesn't like cold conditions. It's time to hunker down and stay warm as our run of extremely cold temperatures likely remains through the rest of 2017 and into 2018.

An Arctic air mass has taken temperatures well below normal in the Keystone State but what's making it FEEL much worse are the winds, which aren't very strong! We're talking 5-10 mph winds with gusts not much stronger but these winds are making it FEEL like the single digits and will make it FEEL like the single digit sub-zero range into the evening and overnight hours. Daytime highs will run in the mid teens, but again, will feel more like the single digits almost the entire day.

I can't say this enough this time of year...DRESS IN LAYERS! This cold is NOT to be messed with and can be incredibly dangerous if you don't have the appropriate clothing. Don't be THAT person who thinks the cold isn't a big deal.

Our next shot at "warming" back into the low 20s comes Friday and Saturday which ironically may feature our final shot at snow for 2017. We need to keep an eye on a potential clipper system to the north and a system along the coast (especially if you're looking for big totals. I'm still not sold on either system bringing BIG totals to NEPA but a lot can change as we get closer to the this space.

In closing, i'll say this again just in case you missed it...DRESS IN LAYERS!

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