Mike Linden's Forecast | Coldest air of the season arrives Friday

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Following a sneak peek of Winter to kick off the work week the sunshine has returned to NEPA. Even though the air is chilly and dry, the sunshine has helped bring temperatures back into the mid to high 40s for most spots (still below normal but not too bad).

Thursday will look and feel much like Wednesday but as arctic air approaches as warm air rises from the south we may see some light showers pop off into the afternoon.

Into Friday is where the floor drops out from under us. Arctic air arrives in the Keystone State for the end of the week and this will likely be the coldest stretch of the season BY FAR. Some spots will struggle to even crack the freezing mark of 32° for daytime highs! Overnight lows will likely slip into the teens with upper elevation spots possibly even falling into the single digits. Oh, but don't forget about wind chill! Even a light breeze will make 32° feel more like 22°.

Get those layers ready for Saturday too as daytime highs slightly recover into the upper 30s for Veterans Day.

Sunday looks like the next shot for active weather as another cold front swings into the region. There are two ways this can play out, well three ways. Either rain, snow or a mix of both is on the way. It all hinges on when the cold front arrives and whether or not the low pressure associated with it dips north or south. We'll know more as the weekend approaches.

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