Mike Linden's Forecast | Bitter cold settles into NEPA

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December rolls on with winter-like conditions and temperatures as temperatures are primed to collapse into the next few days.

We are still seeing light snow showers along the Northern Tier whereas the rest of the region has mainly seen wintry mix, if not simply cold rain. This is due in part to the southerly flowing winds last night and into this morning which worked to not only push temperatures above freezing but also to shear down some of the snow showers. The lower valleys still have a shot to see light snow showers late tonight as temperatures fall but don't expect any major accumulations.

Behind the passing cold front, bitter cold air from the north slides into NEPA. This air originates near the arctic and is part of the much talked-about "polar vortex." From the mid to high 30s for Monday and Tuesday to the mid to high 20s for the rest of the week. Overnight lows during this time will also be downright frigid in the mid teens. The big issue is the wind. With even a light breeze out of the north or west, the mid teens may feel more like the low single digits if not sub-zero for the upper elevations.

Despite the drier air cutting into NEPA on Hump Day we may still see some light snow showers (especially along the Northern Tier); low lying areas will be more of a toss up.

Looking ahead, temperatures will recover into the weekend reaching the upper 30s by Sunday into Monday. These won't last long (unfortunately) as another cold front ushers in the possibility for not only snow showers but another dip down into the 20s. Keep those layers ready to go!

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