Mike Linden's Forecast | Another Nor'easter heads for the East Coast

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With only 8 days to go until it's officially Spring yet another Nor'easter is on the way. Luckily, NEPA will only see a glancing blow from yet another big storm.

The bulk of this storm will stay along the eastern coast bringing another round of heavy snow and gusty winds to New England and Long Island through the early work week. NEPA looks like to see light snow showers as a Winter Weather Advisory is in place for the eastern fringe of the state - Lackawanna, Wayne, Susquehanna, Monroe and Pike counties. We'll likely see the heaviest snow totals in these spots but only around 2-4" with some higher elevation spots picking up a bit more. This round will last through Monday evening until Wednesday morning. Lower elevations spots and central PA may only see a light 1-2" snowfall.

Had this storm moved west we could be talking about another big time event, but alas, here we are...luckily.

Temperatures will also slip this week with almost every day being impacted by this Nor'easter. While we won't see the impacts of the snow we should instead feel the cold air coming in from the north. This will limit daytime highs to the mid to high 30s until the weekend when we warm back to normal in the mid 40s.

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