Melissa Scholl sentenced to 10-30 years with 10 years probation

Melissa Scholl sentenced to 10-30 years with 10 years probation

Monday a judge sentenced Melissa Scholl to 10 to 30 years with 10 years probation for attempting to kill herself and her two children.

"I think it was a harsh sentence considering all the mitigating circumstances you heard in the courtroom," said Scholl's attorney Larry Kransky.

Scholl appeared unemotional until witnesses spoke about her kids.

"I love them... so much," Scholl said as she was escorted out of her sentencing.

In September Scholl was convicted of two counts of attempted murder of her two children. It was the second trial after the first ended in a mistrial back in June.

"It shows the public that this isn't a free crime. There were two children involved. This sentence makes that very clear. And she's now going to have to do the time for attempting to harm both children," said Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce

Prosecutors say in Scholl tried to suffocate them and herself by running a garden hose from the exhaust to the inside of the car in a Wilkes-Barre bus lot.

The defense says she was under extreme stress.

"You heard the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. She was just married two months and a PFA was taken out against him for beating her so she had bruises over her entire body," said Attorney Kransky.

"The jury didn't believe the excuses, the prosecution didn't believe the excuses, and now the judge made it clear: he didn't believe the excuses," said Sanguedolce.

Scholl, wiping away tears, said she knows how much she hurt her family and friends.

"There aren't really any winners in this case," added Sanguedolce.

Attorney Kransky plans to appeal today's ruling.

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