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Meet the Candidates Running for Pennsylvania's 108th District

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You Decide 2023 - WOLF
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Primary election day in Pennsylvania is now just two weeks away.

The race for the Pennsylvania 108th general assembly seat will be decided on election day as a special election.

I sat down this week with all three candidates who are looking to fill that seat to learn more about them, and why they are seeking voter support.

The 108th seat in the Pennsylvania General Assembly has been vacant since former Republican Representative Linda Culver, was elected to the State Senate back in January.

The three nominees to fill the vacancy are Montour Commissioner Trevor Finn, Michael Stender, and Elijah John Scretching.

I sat down with each party nominee at the Milton Public Library, right in the middle of the legislative district. The library helps register members of their community to vote.

Democrat Trevor Finn has been a commissioner in Montour County for nearly twenty years. He tells me that he has been out canvassing, hearing firsthand from voters.

“You have been going door to door, throughout the entire area what is the most surprising thing you are hearing from your possible constituents” Jake asked.

“The 108th is a strong district, Linda Culver did a great job, but people are worried, jobs, they are worried about inflation, they want to make sure that there is food on the table” said Commissioner Finn.

Republican nominee, Michael Stender, says that he is running to be a voice for the citizens of the 108th. He tells me that he will bring a conservative voice to Harrisburg and that residents have been taxed enough.

“What is something that you think, if I am elected, day one, this is what I need to work on, to help benefit these citizens" asked Jake.

“We can’t be putting more burdens on our citizens. I think what is most important is that we have real budgets, with real reoccurring revenue; that way, we’re not passing unfunded burdens onto the taxpayers” replied Stender.

Libertarian nominee, Elijah Scretching, is a veteran who served in the Marine Corps. Once returning home, he felt the urge to make an impact on his community. He explains the difference between the libertarian party compared to the Republicans and Democrats.

“What separates you as a libertarian compared to a Democrat or Republican?” Jake asked.

“We really believe in individual freedom, and we believe that the people are more powerful than the government and they always should be and always will be" said Scretching.

The seat has been occupied by a Republican for the last fifty years, with Culver serving ten of them.

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Whoever gets the most votes on May 16th, will then take over as Representative of the 108th district.

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