Mayors Cup Preview

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It’s been a year of transition for kings college football. The young monarchs have used a massive offense line to run for over 188 yards per game which is 2nd in the middle Atlantic conference.

Jeff knarr- Kings college coach “ we go the size we want , we have the strength we want and the depth. If you are going to run the ball it starts with the 5 guys up front and they are doing a good job with that. Our running backs working with that and our Tommy from quarterback stand point with the quarterback run so we are pleased with how we run the ball this year. “

Offense also has not been a problem for Wilkes, who have the top passing attack in the league. Junior quarterback Jose Tabora has set a single season passing record for most touchdowns with 23. Now the colonels are set to have their best season since 2010.

Jonathon Drach-Wilkes Coach “ I think he is a growing player, I think he is a great embodiment of the rest of the entire team is that everyone is continuing to improve and they are all learning as the season went on . They are learning our system, they are learning to play in our system and they are gaining confidence as they go and that is one of the biggest differences on how we have been successful. “

Bob Ide- on paper this is one of the closest mashup's between the two teams in the 23 year history of the Mayors Cup. King’s has won the last two match ups’ by putting up over 40 points per game. The winner of this years game may have to do the same thing. “

Jeff Steeber- Wilkes Senior “ We don’t like those guys, they don’t like us we are just going to go out there and strap it up. If everyone goes out there and does there job as a position with every rep and the team that does that will come out on top. “

Mando Sallavanti-Kings Sophomore “ If our defense comes out and executes our game plan for what our coaches want us to do we can’t be stopped by anyone in this league. “

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