Mayors Cup Preview

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For the 22nd time Wilkes University and the king’s college football team will battle for the Mayors cup Saturday afternoon. As our bob ide tells us, it doesn’t matter if one team has no wins or the other ten. This is a Rivalry

It has been the quarterback shuffle for Wilkes once starter Jose Tabora went down for the season. Three freshmen have taken snaps, all with huge upside….

Wilkes Head coach Trey brown said "Guys at that position that are young, there 18 years old , they just got here on August 11th. They’re all going to be really good players but they probably were thrown into the fire a little bit sooner then you hope you would to that ."

Across town at king’s the monarchs are poised to end the season at 500. Their offense is ranked second in the Mac with quarterback Zach Whitehead and wide out Tyler Marroni leading the way

King's Head CoachJeff Knarr says "With the new offense where you kind of spread it around Whitehead did a really good job when he took over, he would go through the progressions , he know the value of a quarterback you have to put more time in to help distribute the football but Marroni he is very talented athletic wide receivers that can play, he has learned to play all of our spots."

Last year king’s came here to Schmidt stadium and beat Wilkes . Two seasons ago the Colonels went across town and beat the monarchs. Can recent history repeat itself this year ?

Brown added "Yea, I think so, I think so, this lead is challenging but i think it is still a game about tackling and running and jumping and throwing and all of those things. If you can play the game at a high level of intensity, do great things fundamentally, take advantage of opportunities I think you can have a shot."

Wilkes Senior Jacob brooks said " I am excited to play against them again. The mayors cup is a big game for us, a big game for them, a crosstown rival. It is a lot of fun, we will see what happens."

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