UPDATE: Driver killed in crash after hot pursuit


UPDATE: State police say the driver of the car involved in a chase has died.

They say he was 23-year-old David Marrone from Plains.

Officials say he was not wearing a seat belt.


A man was injured in a car crash following a hot pursuit.

It happened around 11:50 p.m. Friday night at Chestnut Street and Penn Avenue in Dupont.

The Penn Avenue street sign was carried across the street itself as the car crashed through a fire hydrant and into the front of a house, ending the chase.

Witnesses say the driver was ejected onto the front porch, and was found to be breathing. He was rushed to the hospital.

Police say the chase started in Plains Township and they were waiting for the state police to arrive and investigate.

A neighbor said she heard the crash and went outside to see several police cars were already there.

"I was in the living room watching the news and I heard the solid impact, looked out, saw at least five police cars with their flashers on," says neighbor Alberta. "The car was partially burning at the time and I could see all the damage to the house, so immediately called the son."

That son says nobody was injured in the house. The owner died in August. A neighbor nearby had a close call.

"He drove the car alongside my house before he hit a sign in the yard, a street sign," says Alberta. "I was lucky, I mean as far as, the impact wasn't into my house."

Neighbors say the silver Honda Civic car also took out a fire hydrant, and went through a low wall on the corner.

Then, it crashed through a small porch over the front stoop of a house, sending pieces falling to the ground.

"It sounded like thunder and then you seen all these cop cars and this is the mess right there," says neighbor Elwood Perry.

"The driver was on the porch, and all I heard them say was that he was still breathing," says Perry.

One nearby worker says she saw officers pulling U-turns to go north up the one way street, Chestnut Avenue (Highway 315 north), to the scene.

"Literally turned around behind me like right over there at the U-turn right in front of Burger King and there was like three or four of them," says witness Kolleen Warren.

Warren says it seemed like something she's only seen on TV before, except this time it was in real life.

"I watch 'Cops' all the time, so... it's what it is. People are just gonna be stupid anyway," says Warren.

A man who owned the house where the car crashed just recently died in August and no one was home at the house that was hit, the former owner's son said.

State police troopers later showed up, and a Luzerne County detective.

Plains Township, Hughestown, Dupont, and Avoca police, Dupont and Avoca firefighters, Avoca EMS, and Greater Pittston Ambulance were among the agencies on the scene.

The investigation is continuing. State police had not released any information as of Saturday.

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