Mahanoy Area Lady Bears

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The District 11 girls basketball playoffs got underway tonight. One of the teams looking to make a run into states is Mahanoy area. The lady bears have won 22 games this season.

The history of Lady bears basketball at Mahanoy area is written on the walls. 3 state titles. But this year’s team did something those teams never accomplished. Winning the school’s first ever Schuylkill League title.

Lady bears head Coach said "Tom Scheeler: so when we won the league title last week it was nice. The first time in school history , it was very gratifying."

Mahanoy Area Senior Megan Babinsky said "This was out goal and we still have a lot more to come. This was just the beginning of what we have planned."

With the first goal reached it is now time for the Lady bears to bring home goal number 2. A District 11 championships. The top seed this season Mahanoy lost to Minersville last season.

Mahanoy Area Senior Megan Bisco added " We know not to take nay game lightly especially the next game that we play. If we lose we are done so we know how important each game is because you are done if you lose. You don’t get a second chance."

Coach Scheeler added " I think our experience will get us through those tougher times."

The Lady bears don’t have that one scorer they look to, but they do have quickness.

Babinsky said " I think our speed a big part of the game we are all very quick and teams have slower player of bigger forwards it hurts them."

Bisco said " I would say we are at our best right now then we have ever been personally since I started. We just come together as a team and our defense has been really well the past couple of games."

Mahanoy Area will start the playoffs Monday at 7:30pm when they meet Williams Valley at Martz Hall in Pottsville.

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